“Mark is that much needed guide as you’re wandering alone through the desert of divorce. I would have perished in the wilderness had he not lead me to water.”

D.M. – Age 41

“Mark helped instill confidence in me to thrive in dating and in life. After getting out of a long term relationship, he gave me advice that I still think about: Talk to EVERY stranger that I can. The person seated next to me in the airplane, the guy or gal next to me at the bar, the person in front or behind me in line for the movies. Talking to these strangers was practice for when I encountered the stranger that became my soulmate.”

C.J. Age 33

Mark Ferne, Divorce Coach

With a BA in Psychology and a graduate degree in Counseling and Administration, I’ve always specialized in providing an empathetic listening ear.

But the tables turned when I went through a divorce in my mid-30’s. I needed an ear and the insights of someone who had walked in my shoes.

As the first of my friends (and first ever in my family) to go through divorce, I felt alone. There were so few resources for people like me who had been ‘out of the game’ for so long. And not only had I forgotten how to play, the game changed while I was away!

In time, as other friends went through divorces or serious break-ups, I was the first they would call. I quickly realized that few people have someone in their life they can talk with honestly and comfortably, whether it’s about wearing dad jeans or advice on dating apps. I’m that person for you.

I’ve now been helping people move past divorce and relationship break-ups for nearly a decade. Whether it’s a full evaluation of where you’re at, planning next steps, or just a zoom chat to check in over a beer, connecting with me might be the best money you’ve ever spent (besides a good divorce lawyer).

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