Do you need me?

Are you emerging from a marriage or long-term relationship? Has your identity been tied up in being a couple for so long that you’re unsure who ‘you’ are? Have you tried to get back into romantic relationships, with little success?

Ending a significant relationship can leave us feeling lost, overwhelmed, and uncomfortable, especially if we ended up there reluctantly. You may be exhausted from the process of uncoupling (conscious or not), or may still be juggling elements of your past while trying to move forward.

This is where I come in.

Let me help you clear the big rocks blocking your path to getting back in the game. I’ve found there are generally five big rocks: your emotional well-being, social supports, physical health, external appearance, and life logistics. I will work with you to identify and address challenges in these five areas, getting you back on your feet, and moving toward living a successful solo life that has room in it for healthy, satisfying romantic relationships. 

Service Options

Pre-season: You’ll complete the Big Rocks Survey, which focuses on the five central aspects of landing on your feet. This will indicate where you are in moving through the end of your significant relationship, and allows both of us to determine your immediate needs. It also provides valuable information for you to focus on major aspects of getting ready for “Game Day” – which has a variety of definitions. We will then find a time over a video chat or in person for a one-hour coaching session to discuss your needs and next steps.

Intermission/Halftime: Three sessions – one focused on the Big Rocks Survey and initial coaching session (described above), a follow up session to adjust your action plan, and a final conversation to set you up for future success.

Regulation: Go deep! This longer term approach involves the sessions described above, but goes further to address a number of aspects of your past, present, and future through ongoing one-on-one coaching.  This is the ongoing support you need to move forward in the next chapter of your life.

Overtime: Need some quick advice or tough love? After a pre-season session, I’m available to coach you through specific topics such as: Need help with the apps? Want ideas about approaching someone in real life? Need to process a difficult call from your ex? Do I really need to purchase slim-fit jeans? How do I decorate my tree with only half the ornaments?

Want to get started? Get in touch.

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